It's Our Business to Protect Yours

Since 1960, we have been providing vital insurance coverages for both individuals and businesses. In the business market, main street businesses — those that are typically found in most communities such as dry cleaners, medical offices, grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants — are risks that typically qualify for what is known as a businessowner’s program (BOP). The BOP is a package policy combining both property and liability coverages. Because of the variety of risks that fit into this category, the policy is designed to provide broad coverages for both property and liability. Many times the property coverages include signs, glass, business personal property, building, crime, and electronic data.

There are also businesses which require a greater understanding of the insurance contract as well as the insured’s needs. These are typically larger contractors, manufacturers, and fleets. They are diverse, may have exposures in a variety of geographical areas, and have unique needs due to their relationships to customers, vendors, as well as the actual events that happen at their facilities. Since 1960, the Brunner Agency has developed a reputation for providing a thorough evaluation of risk within these categories. We have been successful in placement of contracting risks, excavators, contractors of tenant fitout, manufacturers of wood, plastics, and metals, and commercial printers. If your business demands a close watch in risk management, we offer professional services to help keep insurance premiums down.

Our professional staff is equipped to handle both small and large commercial risks.